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Full Service | 1 Year Commitment

$1.20 each (Redeemable Coupon, Pro-Tip) $1.35 each (Quarterly Advisor)

With the recommended full service program, the Marketing Department generates your personalized postcards which are mailed directly to your sphere, first class. It’s hassle-free and automatic. Or mailed first class directly to your sphere. 


Part-Time Service | No Commitment

$1.25 each (Redeemable Coupon, Pro-Tip) $1.35 each (Quarterly Advisor)
Personalized postcards are automatically mailed to your sphere, unless an opt-out request is received by the 15th of the month.


A la Càrte | Shipped to You

• 69¢ each, min 35 (Redeemable Coupon, Pro-Tip) • 74¢ each, min 35 (Quarterly Advisor)

Personalized postcards are delivered directly to YOU to address and mail by hand. This is option designed to be a more personal, “hands-on” approach – though there are zero cost savings over the Full Service option.


PDF | $25 not available for redeemable postcards


RE/MAX Integrity | Northwest’s exclusive Marketing You! is the best stay-in-touch campaign anywhere. Marketing You! allows you to keep in touch with your network of past clients, friends and personal network on a monthly basis. Comprised of 12 first class, personalized mailings a year, this program ensures that you stay top-of-mind with your personal network! 

Your network will thank you with referrals as they receive five coupons throughout the year, offering a free gift or discount ranging from an ice cream cone to a car wash. In addition to the five coupons, they will receive four quarterly “Advisor” newsletters detailing market activity in their neighborhood. Rounding out the campaign are three “Professional Tips” postcards with home maintenance advice themed around the change of seasons. 

Best of all this program is automatic. Integrity | Northwest does all the work, you get all the credit! 

Visit Workplace for the Marketing You! Brochure which includes certificate details, mailing dates, and more.